Jenae's Beachbody Story

Sports and fitness have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up playing multiple sports, but really excelled at soccer. I earned a soccer scholarship to Kennesaw State University where I was a 4-year starter for the Owls and won a NCAA Division II National Championship in 2003.

I was so passionate about fitness that I decided to study it in college, and in 2006 I graduated with a BS in Exercise Science from KSU.

As most soccer players are, I was pretty fit and my fit lifestyle carried over after college. I played adult league soccer, did a few sprint triathlons, was an avid runner... and played a lot of USTA and ALTA tennis.

And... then came the kids, lol.

I didn't prioritize my health and fitness after my pregnancies. Throw getting older into the mix with giving birth to two kids and my fitness level dropped... and it became much harder to get it back up.

I'm a busy working mom. I ended up going back to school to get a master’s in education from Valdosta State University and I've been a special education teacher for the past 10 years. Both of our kids are very active in sports... we have practice or games all but two nights of the week.

I need a workout program that fits into my busy schedule and that's why I chose Beachbody. It lets me workout from home in between school and our kids' sports.

And my husband is also big into Beachbody, so we get to share the journey and coach others together.

My personal health and fitness "why" is... I want to prove to myself that even after having two kids I can still have my pre-kid body and I want to lead my kids by example into a healthy lifestyle.

And the best part... Eli and I get to share our amazing Beachbody journey with others and help them reach their health and fitness goals! It's the perfect way for me to be involved in something I've always been passionate about (fitness) and help others live a healthier, more fulfilling life at the same time!

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